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5 Healthy Habits for Your Next Beach Vacation

A new year usually brings to minds better ways to maintain and improve our health, along with the habits that contribute to it. The first step is to go ahead and book that getaway because the good news is that science says taking a vacation is good for you! Once that's done, we'd like to ... View the full post »

Your 2016 Florida Gulf Coast Vacation Guide

The holidays are behind us and the a new year has begun. Isn't it time you started thinking about your vacation plans for 2016? Before the year passes you by, block out your vacation time. You deserve it! You know how it goes—the demands of every day life monopolize your time and before you k... View the full post »

10 Things You May Not Know About the Gasparilla Pirate Festival

    (Updated for 2018)    It's that time of year again on Florida's Gulf Coast: Gasparilla season! Grab yer best pirate garb and join in on the piratical fun. To get you into the swashbuckling spirit, here are 10 things you may not know about the Gasparilla P... View the full post »

Gulf Coast Flavor: Hot Gulf Crab Dip

The Gulf Coast offers up so many scrumptious delicacies and one of them is Gulf crab meat. As you start thinking ahead to your Superbowl spread, consider adding some Gulf Coast flavor to your table. We have a mouthwatering Hot Gulf Crab Dip that's sure to please your guests on game da... View the full post »